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The Most Relevant CBD Brands

Terms of use

Free to use, attribution appreciated (but not required).


Help combat/get rid of the snake oil out there by highlighting who's being talked about and making it a competition. There can only be one...

Why do this

CBD is showing promise as a fantastic anti-inflammatory, which means it’s a great resource for athletes. But, there’s still a stigma behind it, and we want to help educate the community on the benefits and highlight the companies that are doing things the right way. Just like in sports, you have to win to be talked about, and if you’re being talked about you’re probably winning.


A proprietary curation method based on various web/mobile based sources. All of our lists are generated with a machine learning algorithm, and verified by our curation team.


Reach out to If you don't see your company and you think it's due to an error, please reach out and we'll confirm your website isn't being filtered. This is a competition though, the answer is no to paid advertisements and/or requests to get your rank moved up.