The RCVRY Bag.

Play for as long as you can.

Everyday muscle & joint recovery skincare.

Relief for Muscle & JoinT Pain

The RCVRY Bag (pronounced: The Recovery Bag) is a monthly subscription service that provides you with the best muscle & joint recovery skincare products. It’s perfect for anyone looking to reduce inflammation and deal with muscle/joint pain. We use data science and expert insights to aggregate the best brands on the web and hand-pick them for you, with a pro athlete standard.


Great for Anti-Inflammation & Preventative Care

Whether you’re dealing with the stresses of sport, joint problems, or any other muscle related ailment, we’ve got you covered. Our curations provide options for pre/post-workout, preventative care, travel, and every day usage.


Pro Athlete Standard, Algorithmic Curation

We’re athletes ourselves (one of our founders actively plays in the NBA) and deal with muscle & joint problems too. Using data science, we aggregate the best brands and hand pick the products you’ll receive. If we can’t recommend it to a pro, we’re not recommending it to you.


Know what you’re trying

We provide content on what you’re trying from every corner of the internet. You’ll always be informed on what you’re getting, along with insight into why we chose the brand for your delivery.


Figure out what works for you

Everyone’s body works differently and we all have different preferences, meaning you have to see what works for you. Our boxes allow you to try multiple selections and see what works best. If a product stands out, let us know and we’ll keep sending it.


Delivered Right To Your Door Monthly

Or, pickup at our apothecary for free. Up to you.