Why I Keep Going: Hugh Roberts

A lot of things keep me going everyday.

My parents. They didn’t sacrifice everything to get me to this point for nothing. My friends. I’m the only one still playing so I do it for them. My friends and family members who passed away. I know they wouldn’t want me to stop so I try to continue their legacy through me. I want to make an impact in the sport of soccer as an African American in this country. Soccer gets no love and it’s a minority in this country. I want to continue to shine a line on this sport through my game and through my podcast to help show the growth and love for this sport.

There’s a long way to go but I want to impact the next generation as well and show that soccer is an amazing sport in this country and deserves more attention. Being able to give back to communities and effect my ppl in struggling communities is the ultimate goal. I feel like in life our calling is to give back and impact those around you. So I want to be in a position where I can help those.

Why I Keep Going is part of an ongoing series at Apply Recover, providing stories to readers on the motivations of our athletes, regardless of their playing field.