Why I Keep Going: Heath Houston

What keeps me going is to see the people that support me and have my best interest (family, close friends, etc) have a smile on their face at the end of each day.

I make the most of out life by recognizing the only way you will obtain positive energy is to focus on it and control your own happiness and not let others control it. In my career field I always listen to what experienced people have to say and apply their knowledge and leadership to my everyday tasks. I am humble enough to realize I do not have the answers to everything and recognize that sometimes asking for advice and help will only help you in the long run.

In summary I believe the way you look at life (love, politics, health, money, etc) will influence you in certain ways but just stay true to your beliefs, morals, and what makes you happy will always succeed everything else. As well don’t ever take anything too serious and learn to laugh at the little things.

Why I Keep Going is part of an ongoing series at Apply Recover, providing stories to readers on the motivations of our athletes, regardless of their playing field.