Why I Keep Going: DJ Haley

I'm motivated to be the best version of myself.

I don't believe in stagnation. If you're not constantly figuring out ways to get better, why are you here? Getting better means not only that you're learning; it means you're also applying. Lebron James doesn't just know basketball, he applies it. Elon Musk doesn't just know science, he applies it.

The level of warfare you get to in any craft is based on what you know and how effectively you can apply it. There's no excuses, only the process. Competition is great because if you have nothing to observe, compare and compete against, how do you know if you're getting better? If you're being the best version of yourself, how does that not help the world? What in your life does that not apply to? End of day, I'm an engineer that loves to build things that matter, and it permeates my entire life.

Win or lose, that's what keeps me going.

Why I Keep Going is part of an ongoing series at Apply Recover, providing stories to readers on the motivations of our athletes, regardless of their playing field.