Reduce Body inflammation and live a healthier life.

our definition of athlete

Anyone who strives to be the best version of themselves and chooses to keep going in life, regardless of the pursuit.

play for as long as you can

Our apothecary focuses on skincare, nutrition, and accessories to help reduce body inflammation and aid in recovery. The standard we set is one that's satisfactory for professional athletes. If we can't recommend it to a pro, we're not recommending it to you.

Our Athlete Standard


Topical creams, lotions, oils, balms.


Pre/Post workout nutrition. Protein bars, cold brew, energy drinks, mushroom shots, hydration mixes, coconut water.

Recovery Accessories

Foam rollers, percussion massage devices, myofascial balls, hot/cold packs.

Bushwick Apothecary



Bushwick Apothecary:
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Mon - Fri: noon - 5pm. Closed Weekends.

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